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Czechoslovakia cheap absinthe is made with many different herbs including wormwood i.e. thujone in the highest amount of 10mg, 35mg, 100mg Wormwood has a history of smoking benefits and is said to bring about sedated and hallucinogenic effects.
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Legal to obtain from Canada and Europe where it is easy to buy, absinthe is a high proof alcoholic green drink, a person does not experience the traditional drunkeness effects of typical alcoholic drinks, but rather an unusual mental clarity or stimulant in conjuntion with the high, because the combination of herbs have a kind off push and pull effect not allowing the alcohol to dominate the high. 
Where can i buy absinthe with thujone in it. Does absinthe really make you hallucinate?
With absinthe you should be drinking slow because it might make you hallucinate. How much absinthe does it take to hallucinate or get you high or drunk. Re: Is absinthe as strong as or similar to lsd or shrooms? Buy expensive wine, alcohol, liquor online.
The ingredient in Absinthe "Thujone" is structurally related to (THC) which is found in cannabis, marijuana and hashish, but Thujone will definitely not show up on any drug test.  Thujone along with the combination of the other psychoactive herbs and the alcohol is what is believed to cause the psychedelic, hallucinogenic or high of Absinthe. A small number of people claim that they see little green fairy after drinking large amounts, this is how Absinthe got its nick name Green Fairy or la Fee Verte
What is Absinthe?

 Before you add the water, the absinth liqueur will be a clear green color, or tan depending on what brand you buy. Absinthe turns an opaque milky white in a process of Absinthe turning opaque emrald green or milky white after adding water is called louching. Louching occurs because the essential herbal oils Absinthe do not mix with water.
Although optional, it is also customary to add to the drink a sugar cube with the cold water, use an absinthe spoon and absinthe glasses. Can you smoke marijuana or wormwood herb at the same time as drinking absynthe.
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Is absinthe legal, what are the international laws?
Real Absinthe containing Thujone is not for sale in many countries like the US and Switzerland to name the least. In the USA, Absinthe is not against the law to posses, but you cannot manufacture it and supply to bars and liquor stores for sale. You will not find an America company.

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